Turkey  is  officially  known  as the Republic of Turkey , is a transcontinental  country in Eurasia, mainly on the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast  Europe. Turkey's location between Europe and Asia has retained its geopolitical and strategic  importance . Turkey is bordered by Georgia , Iran , Armenia and  Azerbaijan  on east , Iraq , Syria and  Mediterranean Sea to the south , it has  sea border with Egypt and cyprus , Aegean Sea and Greece  and Bulgaria  on west , black sea on north .



Climate of Turkey

The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea have a hot summer Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters.

The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Black Sea have a temperate Oceanic climate with warm, wet summers and cool to cold, wet winters. The Turkish Black Sea coast receives the greatest amount of precipitation and is the only region of Turkey that receives high precipitation throughout the year. The eastern part of that coast averages 2,500 millimeters annually which is the highest precipitation in the country. The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Sea of Marmara  have a transitional climate between a temperate Mediterranean climate and a temperate Oceanic climate with warm to hot, moderately dry summers and cool to cold, wet winters.




Turkey has  attractive  nature  and   geographical  location   rich with  history  , culture and religious  places  which makes it  potentional center for  all kind of tourisims  including health care tourisim , Turkey  has  quality  medical  establishments   with state of art medical equipments  and  medical team  offering healthcare services at relatively  lower  cost  suitable for all kinds of tourists .Turkey has became  the  resource  for medical  treatments  for alot of tourists  from   European countries like  Russia , Ukrania , Germany ,England , Netherland , Romania , Bulgaria  and other contries   in addition to  tourists coming  from  Middleast and Arabic countries .

According to  statistics  of  year 2015  the  number of tourists  has approached  36,24  million   and the  Turkish ministry of health  owns  and manages  about  55% of the  hospitals  in Turkey  which  totals more than 1500 hospitals , the ownership of the rest of hospitals  belongs to   private  establishments  , universities  and  national and foreign   private  companies  .Some  hospital in Turkey has  acquired  regional  and   international accreditation , including  international  joint  committee , international healthcare organizations  , international standardization organization as well as   getting  membership  privileges  of  various European  medical  establishments    .


Turkey is also proud of   having  more than 30 medical  establishments  which  accredited  by  international  healthcare  organizations , this regarded  the highest  accreditation and  recognition country  has ever  acquired in the  region.Turkey  comes in first  rank internationaly  for conducting  eye  surgery  for  foreigners  , there has been  40 thousands  surgery in one year .


The  Turkish  goverment  makes  effort  to  accomodiate  about  50 million  tourists  in  year 2023. The  Turkish health ministry  is  planing to build  freezone  regions  specialized  to offer  health care  services for  foreign  tourists , the  plan and program  is aimed to  increase  the number of healthcare tourists to 2 millions  by 2023 .


Based on previous  information  and   the  attention  of  Elma Technology  to achieve  comfort and  facilitation  of search  for the  healthcare tourist , the  company  has commenced  Turkmeticenter.com which  assists  the  tourist  to make  reasonable  decision  in determination of  medical  need  relevant  to  tourist  needs  and  financial  capabilities  and also  offer  variety of services  offered  by  professional companies  which makes  the tourist (patient ) able  to  receive  services  on  flight  reservation –hotel reservation –car  rentals  and   tour  programs .


Most of the tourists  who  come to Turkey  face  language problem  and  inorder  to overcome  this obstacle  we  offer  direct  translation service  between  the  tourist (patient ) and the  medical  establishment ( medical center /hospital ) , the  communication will be in the language of the tourist and  such   service is  offered as  ‘’  service offered from  special partner ‘’.





Turkey  regarded  touristic country , therefore  the  issuance of entry  visa is considered relatively simple , Turkey  allow  some nationalities  specially  from  Middleast   to get  entry  visa on arrival at the  airport  and  exemption  of visa for some other nationalities  and that  is done according to the  regulations  of Turkish foreign  affairs  ministry ,  you  can  find the requirements  of Turkish  visa  for your  country  by  contacting  the Turkish embassy at your country or  visit  the  electronic  website of the Turkish foreign  affairs  ministry . Click here

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